Giving back to the community

We are committed to giving back to the community. We offer free grooming services to 501c3 shelters and rescues (click here to learn more), as well as provide scholarships to individuals in need, such as those facing financial hardships, homelessness, incarceration, domestic violence, disabilities, LGBTQ+ centers, and more. Our philanthropy partners include Homeboy Industries and Michelson Institute for Pet Professions. We strive to support women and minorities in leadership roles and empower our students to achieve personal and professional success. Through our programs, we have helped individuals change their lives, start their own businesses, and overcome challenges, ultimately making a positive impact on the community.


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We would like to welcome you to our new state of the art pet grooming facility. We have custom built our salon to be a safe, comfortable, friendly and stress-free environment for your best furry friends. We offer a noise-reduced, stress free drying and bathing area and high-end bathing services so we can treat your pets like family.


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Excellent4.9 Based on 371 reviews from review us onJason W.Jason W. ★★★★★ My cat Obi did great during his first grooming session with Natasha. Natasha was professional and took the time to explain their process for first timers....Howard K.Howard K. ★★★★★ First time here with Ambien and the staff were awesome. Natasha was wonderful and did a great job with him and he came back very calm and clean! Will be...K C.K C. ★★★★★ I've been taking my cats (yes... cats!) to be groomed here for years now. I HIGHLY recommend FurTown in Arcadia. Noelia is my absolute favorite groomer...elisa W.elisa W. ★★★★★ I’m always so happy with my fur babies groom! They always treat my baby with care and kindness. 💙💙Bily W.Bily W. ★★★★★ Rachel is Amazing !Irelynn L.Irelynn L. ★★★★★ We have been bringing our puppy here ever since we got her a year ago. At first she hated going but now looks forward to her visits with Liza. They treat...Hailey R.Hailey R. ★★★★★ Thanks Robert and staff at the Melrose location! Nova came home looking and smelling great, and was so happy and relaxed. We will be back!Evelyn S.Evelyn S. ★★★★★ It was educational, great and easyRay L.Ray L. ★★★★★ My dogs being coming here for 2 years. Good work for excellent priceGloria R.Gloria R. ★★★★★ they are great and help students with the experiance under supervised by the teachrer to get to the goals of having their own businessFrank E.Frank E. ★★★★★ Andrew is amazing. We have two dogs who hate being groomed and get mean. He tamed them after one visit and now they love seeing him. Their haircuts always look great too.Dylan S.Dylan S. ★★★★★ We've been bringing our 45lb golden doodle here for almost 3 years and have never had a bad experience. Very professional staff and a clean and updated facility. Glad to have a groomer we can trust!Yosra K.Yosra K. ★★★★★ Great experience and great team !! My dog was so cute after his grooming even though he’s hard to handle , they did an amazing job.Citlali E.Citlali E. ★★★★★ I love having my dog groomed here! Everyone has been so kind and patient. There’s always availability as well. My dog also comes out smelling so clean and happy. Thank you!I would post more pictures of his groom but he was just too energetic after picking him up lolCathy C.Cathy C. ★★★★★ Without Huber I would not have come backBest decision to have him on site.js_loader


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Mobile Pet Grooming

First you have to get the leash, which probably sets the dogs into a frenzy. Then you have to pile them in the car, where anxious and frantic claws can damage your seats. You’re worried about accidents, so you clip them into the seatbelt, which, of course, they dislike.

They are excited in the parking lot. They bark at every dog or cat that passes. They’re either nervous or too aggressive in the waiting room, and finally, they may even nip at the groomer.

Luckily, there’s a better way.

If you’re looking for “dog grooming near me” in the Arcadia, CA area, we’re exactly the service you need. We are professional groomers with years of experience, ready at your doorstep in our little blue van. We’re equipped with all of our grooming tools, and we help make your dog or cat feel more comfortable right in their own home.

The Spa on Wheels

When Fur Town Mobile Pet Spa shows up, you know your dog or cat is in for a real treat. Haircuts, nail trims, a warm bath, whatever your pet needs we can provide without you having to change out of your pajamas. We’ll clean their ears, brush out knots, trim paw pads, whatever services you request.

And if you’re not sure what your pet needs but you know they need help, our Fur Town groomers can assess your dog or cat and let you know exactly what could make them happiest, healthiest, and looking great.

Grooming Packages

  • Our Bath & Brush Package includes a warm bath, coat conditioning, a blow-dry, a brush-out, nail and ear care, anal gland expression, tooth brushing, and breath spray.
  • The Tidy Trim Package includes all of the previous along with a trim of the tail, feet, and face.
  • The Complete Groom adds a full haircut to the mix.
  • The Show Groom feature a full breed standard show cut.

Mobile Pet Spa

When you can tell where the furry baby is in the house by its smell alone, it’s time to call the Fur Town Mobile Pet Spa. We can bring the promise of a fresh, clean dog or cat right to your door with our mobile pet grooming service. Don’t worry about your bathtub clogging with pet hair or trying to force the cat into a bath it has absolutely no interest being in.

That’s our job, and we can be there in two shakes of a Labrador’s tail to take that task off your to-do list.

Bringing the Groomer to You

We bring all of the bath supplies right to you and wash, rinse, brush and beautify your dog or cat. We specialize in calming even the most jittery pets and ensuring that owner and pet can feel safe and comfortable with our service.

Our high-end mobile spa treatments will pamper your pet no matter their disposition or breed.

Why Choose Just One?

Nothing like combining a mobile dog bath with a full groom, giving your pet a full 180 in cleanliness and appearance. Our full-service, completely stocked “salon on wheels” is always equipped for any care your dog or cat needs.

Looking to Try Out Mobile Pet Grooming?

If you’re curious and want to give mobile pet grooming or a mobile pet bath a try, contact us today for more information or to book an appointment. You’ll save 10% on your pet’s first groom, and we will arrive at your door with trained, fully certified groomers. Prices vary depending on your pet’s weight, their breed, what kind of coat they have, and what services are being requested.

“Dog grooming near me” in the Arcadia, CA area? That’s us – Fur Town and our blue little van at your doorstep any time you need us!


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